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About Traffik

As Brooklyn born native, TRAFFIK immediately fell into music growing up in New York. At the age of 13, Traffik and his family moved to Dayton, Ohio. Though it was hard at first, Traffik soon adapted to the change from the big city life to a small town. It was there in Ohio where Traffik learned the game and how to survive.

Trying to stay out of trouble was hard in such a small town where crime was so high, but he found his way out by sticking to his passion, music. Traffik hooked up with another artist and long time friend “Vegas Stax,” together they started to persue a career in music. In time, Traffik graduated proudly from Meadowdale High School and moved back to New York to further his solo career. Though Traffik came close to making it in New York with the help of some veteran rappers, his chance was never given. Moving foward, Traffik took a path to Orlando, Florida where that was all about to change!

It didn’t take long before Traffik’s mixtapes created major buzz and caught the attention of The Heavy Hitter, DJ Prostyle who has deejayed on some of the hottest radio stations in the country! Prostyle quickly spotted the talent in Traffik and started to support his music. Prostyle then decided to sign Traffik as his first artist on his newely started label at the time, ALL PRO RECORDS.

With Prostyle being on BET 106 & Park every Friday and the ALLPRO record label becoming a nationally well known name, Traffik’s time has come for the world to see! His style is like no-other and his distinct voice sets him apart from the rest. With the perfect mixture of New York, Ohio & Florida influence, and the talent for speeking his mind, Traffik’s lyrics are sure to catch your attention…

Traffik ft. Pitbull, Gorilla Zoe & Jadakiss – Hercules (Remix)

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