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Osbournes Reloaded Fox

The Osbournes are back – Their show premieres Tuesday, March 31 on FOX at 9:20 p.m.  The Osbournes were on Jimmy Kimmel this week, discussing their new show ‘Reloaded.’

The Osbournes Reloaded (Description):

“The series will venture off-stage with recurring segments including “Osbourne in the USA,” where members of the family go to work in places such as a fast-food drive-thru; “Osbournes Meet the Osbournes,” where the family goes cross-country and lives with other Osbourne families; and the “Littlest Osbournes,” where pint-size, potty-mouthed versions of Sharon and Ozzy recreate moments from their early days…in all their four-letter glory.”

The Osbournes – Jimmy Kimmel Interview I (Video):

The Osbournes – Jimmy Kimmel Interview II (Video):

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