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New Found Glory ‘Not Without a Fight’ (Release Date: March 10, 2009)

New Found Glory’s ‘Not Without a Fight’ is the band’s sixth studio album.  All songs were writted and composed by New Found Glory, and includes 12 tracks.  There will be a bouns track ‘I’m The Fool’ on the Japanese version.

In a recent interview, New Found Glory stated that “the album wouldn’t be like anything they’d made before, but made for the diehard fans of their self-titled album.”

New Found Glory ‘Not Without a Fight’ (Tracklisting):

1.     “Right Where We Left Off”
2.     “Don’t Let Her Pull You Down”
3.     “Listen to Your Friends”
4.     “47”
5.     “Truck Stop Blues”
6.     “Tangled Up”
7.     “I’ll Never Love Again”
8.     “Reasons”
9.     “Such a Mess”
10.     “Heartless at Best”
11.     “This Isn’t You”
12.     “Don’t Let This Be the End”

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