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Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is following in the footsteps of Ashton Kutcher, by serviving as executive producer of MTV’s latest reality show called ‘The Phone.’   The show premieres on April 21st at 10pm (EST).

MTV ‘The Phone’ – Show Description:

“In each episode, four strangers will get a call. Soon after they answer, they’ll be paired off to create two teams that will go head-to-head as they race to survive a potentially deadly game. There’s no studio audience, no wheels to spin and no canned ham behind the curtain. There are only perilous predicaments and the real possibility of walking away with 50 grand if you complete the mission … and survive.

Could you stop a mad bomber before he strikes again? Can you take down the mob to save a police officer’s life? Will you recover a piece of secret military technology before it lands in the hands of terrorists? Some players will rise to the challenge of The Phone , while others will crack under the pressure. The true nature of each player will be revealed as their courage is measured, their loyalty examined and their resolve put to the test under the most extreme circumstances imaginable.

From executive producer Justin Timberlake, The Phone is nothing short of the most dangerous game on television. Will you answer the call?”

Justin Timberlake – MTV ‘ The Phone’ Reality Show (Trailer, Video):

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