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If you haven’t heard of Megha Maan, you soon will.   His hot new single ‘She Like Me,’ as featured on ‘Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami’ has created a huge amount of buzz and hype online for this new artist, Megha Maan.

Check out our exclusive interview with Megha!!

1. What do you make of all the online buzz around your hit single, ‘She Like Me?’ after it was featured on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami?
First, I would like to thank you guys at J. Protege for taking notice in the single. I also would like to give kudos to Cru & Impirio (the artists featured on the track).

To be honest, it was so very unexpected. We didn’t think it would catch on like it did, but we definitely appreciate it

2. Is the song ‘She Like Me’ directed to anyone?

Lol… To all the ladies that show attention to the fellas and don’t have their noses in the air.

3. Were you able to meet the Kardashians?

No. we didn’t meet them. If everyone keeps showing us this type of love, you never know. Khloe was dating my buddy Rashad McCants

4. Is there anywhere else that fans can buy your album and single besides iTunes?

Nah, just iTunes right now. If the support keeps up, I’ll consider an official release.

5. What is the best way for fans of your music to learn more about you?
Google Me Baby!! lol…. but really, Google Me. follow my tweets.. Huge Fan Of Twitter!! @meghamaan 🙂 or myspace.com/imrightnow or

http://inthegroovemusic.com/who_we_are.v2.cfm?page_id=63 , and by the way, shouts to In The Groove for setting up the song playing on the show.

6. What is next for your music career?

Right now im trying to help indie artists get started. I have a program artists & producers may join. Help make their passion a lucrative one. Educating them to the music business. Oh yea… Keep your ears open for “Weirdo!”. Im also breaking new artists like Mr. PerFIC & Kasual

7. What are some things that you want your fans to know?

That I appreciate all the love and support. Thank you!! Keep supporting and Ill keep releasing good music.. Oh, and that the artists on the song are Cru & Impirio!!

Shouts out to @musicbyfic (Mr. PerFIC), @the_real_kasual (Kasual), @candygirlsworld (Marquita Lowe), @kiddricc (Million Dollar Kid)

Again, Thank you for the opprotunity.
Also check this song out: http://twiturm.com/9qid (Mr. PerFIC f. Eddie Kaine – Ladies How You Doin’)

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