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Much to the rumors, Christina Milian is not engaged to The Dream.  Earlier today, Milian wrote a message directly on her MySpace blog, dismissing all rumors.

Christina Milian’s MySpace Blog Post:

Hey Guys! I am not Engaged….
Good Morning y’all.

Just woke up from finishing some work in the studio late last night to some eager phone calls as to whether or not I am Engaged…. No, I am not. Point blank, period. Pretty funny. I really don’t have a lot to say about it… I think since I announced the title of my new album “Elope” these rumors seem to be looming around lately… It’s an album title and a title track. And to me “Elope” represents taking control of my life and being an adult making my own responsible decisions. Despite anyone’s judgement…. I have not run off and Eloped either, LOL. So….that being said.. Stay focused and to anyone who thinks my life is a Publicity stunt… GROW UP. Life is short, enjoy it and stop picking on what I do. Cause if you don’t know, I am definitely enjoying life!

Xtina Mili-BLONDE!

HA! ha!

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