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Chris Brown

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Chris Brown is currently under investigation for battery.  Moreover, Rihanna canceled her performance tonight at the Grammy Awards.

Rumor has it that Rihanna checked into a hospital and filed a formal charge against Chris Breezy with the police.

We will keep you in the loop, as we learn more.

Update #2

Chris Brown was arrested last night.  He paid a $50,000 bail and was later released.

Photos taken by the paparazzi show bruises on Chris Brown’s knuckles.

Law enforcement told the media that Rihanna suffered a bloody lip, nose and a few cuts.

There has not been any official confirmation of the incident from either of the Rihanna or Chris Brown camps, but Rihanna’s Publicist says Rihanna “…is well.”

Rihanna was supposed to perform ‘Disturbia’ and Chris Brown ‘Forever’ at the Grammy Awards

Wrigley is putting Chris Brown’s endorsement deal currently on hold for its Doublemint Gum.

We will keep you in the loop, as we learn more.

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